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When it comes to choosing cleaning services in Houston, TX, we always have doubts, especially how busy living in the city can be. There are many housekeeping businesses out there, so what are the qualities that you should be looking for when choosing a cleaning company?

Experience: JM Lord has four years of experience, from cleaning homes to work in the office.

Customer service:  We are ready to give you the best customer service.  We are very knowledgeable with our job, and we can answer questions ranging from which would be the best way to clean your home, the right products to use and the products you should avoid every day. 

Quality:  As we have built our cleaning company from the ground on up, it is extremely important to us to go above and beyond in our job so that we can build long-term relationships with every client.  First impressions are of utmost important for recurring service.  If you are pleased with our initial cleaning services, you will be happy to know that you should expect to receive the same quality of work for your on-going services as on your first cleaning.

Cleaning Services:  We offer various options for your home such as one-time cleanings, deep cleanings and moving (in or out) services. 

Best Prices:  We accommodate your cleaning budget, simply let us know what your needs are and we will advise you as to which package we believe is best for you.

Family-owned and operated cleaning company:  We want you to know that our job is more than profit for us.  We love what we do day in and day out and we are happy to be helping you as YOU make it possible for us to build our business for our families. 

JM Lord Cleaning is ready to provide the best cleaning services in Houston.  Why not allow us to relieve some of the stress that cleaning may cause and instead use that time with your loved ones?  This job is not stressful for us as we do this for a living and we are efficient in what we do. ( The products that we use are sold worldwide, not over the counter; we take time to choose the best green cleaning products in the market to not only clean your home but the Earth. )  Our technicians are trained to work smart and efficiently in one stop cleaning.  Our training is the result of years of cleaning experience in the field, saving time for the customer and the employees.  Are you ready to receive the best results with a cleaning company? Contact us today for a free estimate!